"Making Peace Tonight" by Marcy and Lou (our little piano set!) August 2017

"If I Could Just Go Back" by Martin Garrish, performed with Lou Castro, Marcy Brenner Aug 2017

"Dame-age" (by Lauren Hayworth) performed by Kim France as our Plus One July 2017

Jon Lea "Picture of Peace" PLUS ONE August 2017

Coyote Music Den

Marcy & Lou's Coyote Music Den
Live Music Concerts - Music Lessons

A place to create, learn and share music on the edge of the harbor in Community Square, Ocracoke Island, NC. A magical, historic setting.

SPECIAL EVENTS (non-recurring):

Due to Hurricane Maria, we have cancelled our last Plus One with Danny Gotham on Tuesday and the last Coyote "Just We Two" for Wednesday. Bummer! Friday concert with Martin Garrish to be determined ...

This week we have ONLY ONE CONCERT: Coyote "Just We Two" (just Lou and Marcy) on Tuesday, September 5th at 8pm (doors at 7:30).
NO Plus One and NO Martin Garrish & Friends concerts this week. Back to regular schedule Tuesday, Sept 12th with powerhouse performer KATE MCNALLY!!!


April 14 - November 22
MARTIN GARRISH & FRIENDS "Playing Your Ocracoke Memories"
(no concert July 14th or September 8th)

May 23 - September 26
COYOTE PLUS ONE "well-crafted spontaneity" with a different guest every week (see Roster)

May 24 - September 27
COYOTE "just we two" enchanting duo, intimate songs

Item Name Price
Adult (Fall/Winter) $12
Child (under 12) $7
Adult Advance Online (click Buy Tickets) $12
Child Online (click Buy Tickets) $6

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@coyotemusic2 Jan 22, 02:48

LET THE WINTER JAMS BEGIN ... Tuesday Night Jams and Word Play Gatherings (Wednesday) start this week at Coyote Music Den!

@BooksToBeRed Jan 14, 04:15

Ocracoke makes the list. A funny little description but you know the truth. I hope you have made your... https://t.co/Ck0FwdheMr

@coyotemusic2 Jan 05, 21:09

Announcing the winner of our annual drawing for a FREE WEEK at an Ocracoke cottage!… https://t.co/0fFnCWUkiJ

@coyotemusic2 Jan 03, 04:13

And the winner of the FREE WEEK at our guest cottage is ... Wendy of Beaufort, NC!

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Drawing just after midnight tonight! Enter to win FREE WEEK’s STAY on Ocracoke!… https://t.co/GA6nlQY1sk

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Last chance to enter to win a FREE WEEK'S STAY ON OCRACOKE - sign up for e-News! Drawing after midnight tonight!

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In case you missed it! https://t.co/N4BUMUWH4Y https://t.co/A2aqG42uXF

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@BooksToBeRed @atodde Oh no, we could come up with a few space heaters if you need ‘em!

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Last Chance To Win a FREE WEEK at this cottage! Drawing Dec 31st Signup for Coyot-e-News… https://t.co/0Lf8BrFo2Q

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Just posted a photo @ Ocracoke, North Carolina https://t.co/80QfFYOl4b

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Have you seen our latest news? https://t.co/TQXMRUsNSw https://t.co/HBmOaYy2BC

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"Silent Night" ... a quiet week before Christmas on Ocracoke https://t.co/TQXMRUsNSw https://t.co/EdCJXoODUl

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It's a Coyote Christmas! https://t.co/URNo1BwQvz https://t.co/ScJlTzTyW9

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“Owwwwwwww” (Read: gift certificates available from the Den” @ Coyote Music Den https://t.co/iRirACiijK

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It's a Coyote Christmas! https://t.co/URNo1BwQvz https://t.co/aKdzjUtYb2

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Have you seen our latest news? https://t.co/URNo1BwQvz https://t.co/xb8SXQ15eP

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Spotted in Community Square ... Coyote Disguised As Elf https://t.co/URNo1BwQvz https://t.co/gUjnLbDDig

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Have you checked this out? https://t.co/RZTc7OHZw9 https://t.co/OVUrqb8WA1

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Tonight at 7:30! View from anywhere in the world at https://t.co/fG4WtyDH8P. Last event… https://t.co/zWNCTKokoQ

@coyotemusic2 Dec 08, 00:00

Martin Garrish & Friends CHRISTMAS Concert, Friday 7:30pm https://t.co/RZTc7OHZw9 https://t.co/AAEUiCwfYX